Covid-19 Protocols for On Site Events

For on site events in Italy, there are some protocols and guidelines to strictly follow.

The following pieces of information are based on recommendations from the public authorities, further amendments, and as suggested by the Lombardy Region and the University of Milan.

This page will be updated in due time according to the new recommendations.

You will find listed below the duties that the event organizers and all involved persons (staff, scientific organizers, speakers, participants, suppliers, etc.) have to follow.

  • All involved persons receive a temperature screening at the main entrance of the University

  • It is always compulsory to wear a FFP2 mask

  • The event registration/entrance in the conference room will be checked through personal QR code only

  • Social distancing is always required

Entry is prohibited to anyone who:

  • has been in contact with a person who has tested positive in the last 14 days before the conference

  • has been in contact with a person who could be positive or waiting for a nasal swab

  • has been in contact with a member of the family who was in contact with a positive person

  • has a fever of >37.5C and/or respiratory symptoms, even if mild

Where is the conference venue and how to reach it?

University of Milan
La Statale

Via Festa del Perdono, 7
20122 Milan, Italy
Phone +39.02.50325032
The university is located in the city center, very close to many bus stops (54, 60, 73, 84, 94), tram stops (12,14,15, 16, 23, 24, 27) and undergrounds (MM1, red line: stop Duomo; MM3, yellow line: stop Missori).
How to reach the conference venue by public transportations: Journey planner (ATM website)

How can I reach Milan?

Milan has got three airports located in different part of the city and its surroundings.


If you land at Linate airport we suggest you to take a taxi to reach your hotel or the conference venue.

An underground line that connects the Linate airport to the city center is in progress.

There is also the connection between Milan Duomo M1 - M3 (Piazza Diaz) and Linate Airport (and viceversa) operated by bus line 73; the travel will last 60 minutes.

The stop is located in front of the arrivals at Linate airport to Piazza Diaz (center of Milan); the stop is located in Piazza Diaz to Linate airport.


Malpensa has got two Terminals, between them a free shuttle bus is available every 15 minutes for twenty-four hours a day.

Inside Terminal 1 and 2 of the Malpensa airport there is the “Malpensa Express Train”, a special train that take you directly to Cadorna train station (Piazza Cadorna), located in the center of Milan. There is a train every 20/30 minutes. The trip lasts from 29 to 36 minutes (it depends from how many stops the train will do). The ticket costs € 13,00. You can buy the ticket: at the ticket office inside the airport (open from 5.30 a.m. to 12.20 a.m.), at the dedicated ticket machines, or online ( If you buy online a return ticket there is a discount fare.

From Cadorna train station you can take a taxi to reach the hotel or the conference venue (according to your flight schedule). The taxis are available just in front of the main entrance/exit of the Cadorna train station.

In case you prefer to use public transportation in order to reach the conference venue, please follow the following indications:

  • In front of the exit of Cadorna train station, there is the entrance to underground MM1 (red line)

  • Take MM1 (red line) direction Sesto Marelli

  • Get off at the stop “Duomo”

  • Walk along Piazza Diaz and via Flavio Baracchini

  • Cross via Larga

  • Walk along via Chiaravalle. At the end of the street there is the main entrance of the university


It is used by the major low cost airline companies.

The airport is well served by shuttle buses, trains and taxi in order to reach Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.

For timetables and tickets, please visit the website:


Milan is easily reachable by train. Milan has many train stations but the biggest and most used is Stazione Centrale. For detailed information about timetables, tickets, special fares, etc. please visit:

Which are the public transportations in Milan?


You can find taxi parked in the “taxi area” all around the city or by phoning them at the following numbers:

02/8585 – 02/6969 - 02/4040 – 02/4000

The official taxis are white cars with the sign "taxi" on the top, and they are equipped with a taximeter to define the cost. Not all taxis take credit cards, please ask before boarding or when you call them.


All public transportation in Milan is managed by ATM ( There are four major underground lines (MM1 red - MM2 green - MM3 yellow, MM5 lilac and several buses and tram lines). Please remember that the service starts at 6 am and the underground stops at midnight (1.00 am on Saturdays night) while trams and buses stop at 2 am.

New Integrated Fare System (STIBM)

Effective from the 15th July 2019, a new Integrated Fare System (STIBM) came into force replacing the previous Integrated Fare System of the Milanese Area.

(SITAM). The new system extends to all municipals within the City of Milan metropolitan area and the Province of Monza and Brianza.

The new system uses the City of Milan as the reference point where surrounding areas have then been divided into circular sections each representing a fare zone.

New tickets and travel cards will be valid for use with the ATM transport network and suburban public transport lines operating within the Integrated Fare System (STIBM) area.

You can buy ATM tickets at any of the authorized outlets (bars, tobacconists, stationers, newspaper stands) found throughout the Milan area and on intercity routes.

You can also buy tickets in all underground stations at the dedicated ticket machines; these machines accept both coins and bank notes, credits cards and bank cards (please use preferably coins and bank notes). You cannot buy tickets on board

Ordinary tickets and travel cards

The following ordinary tickets are available with the new Fare System:

  • Ordinary ticket Mi1 – Mi3: the time validity from the first validation varies with the number of zones purchased: 75 minutes for two zones + 15 minutes for each additional zone. In Milan, the minimum fare that can be purchased is 3 zones and is valid from the first validation for 90 minutes;

  • 10 trip tickets: only blocks of 10 tickets of 3 zones Mi1 - Mi3 fare, each valid for 90 minutes, are on sale. The trips cannot be used on road services managed by operators other than ATM and Trenord; it cannot be used by more than one person at the same time;

  • Daily ticket: is valid for 24 hours from the first validation, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;

  • 3 day ticket: is valid for 3 consecutive days from the day of the first validation until the end of the service on the third day, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;

  • Weekly travel card: valid from Monday to Sunday of the same week until the end of the service of Sunday, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;

  • All travel options must be loaded onto the electronic card, which is valid for 4 years and costs €10.00 upon issue (refer to more info on the electronic card)

The following information is provided on the travel document:

Further information about fares, ordinary and occasional tickets, general rules of use, etc. are available at:

Where can I be accommodated in Milan?

Hotel accommodation is not provided

The conference organizers suggest that participants will often find the best room rate online due to periodic pricing variations.

Some suggestions for hotels and hostels close to the venue and to the city center:

Uptown Palace Hotel (4*sup)

Via Santa Sofia, 10 – 20122 Milan

Hotel Canada Milano Urban Chic (3*)

Via Santa Sofia, 16, 20122 Milan

Hotel Lloyd (4*)

Corso di Porta Romana, 48, 20122 Milan

Hotel Brunelleschi (4*)

Via Flavio Baracchini, 12, 20123 Milan

Ostello Bello Milan Duomo (hostel)

Via Medici, 4, 20123 Milan

Babila Hostel & Bistrot

Via Conservatorio, 2/A, 20122 Milan